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About our Dinners

Everyone has their own idea of what a “Farm to Table” event is but here at Skagit Table, our Chef’s Choice dinners are truly Farm To Table. All our produce and protein are sourced directly from local farmers who grow food the way food should be grown. If you want to learn how to source local food, how to get “organic” without the expensive label and how to know your farmers, all while having a flavorsome, unique meal, these events are for you!

What to Expect

Each ticket comes with a multi-course meal that has only the finest ingredients cooked perfectly and in the most unique ways. You can expect to try things you have never tried in ways you never thought about. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind food experience, this is for you.


If there was ever a question not to ask, its “what’s the menu?”. The menu is picked based off of what my farmers have available. Sometimes, the menu is not finalized until the morning of the event and a huge part of the pay-off for these events is experiencing the guests opening their menu for the first time and saying “Wow!”. 

When you come to one of our events you are saying “I trust you. I’m adventurous. I want to try new things.” And we value that! So, we ask that if you are hesitant to come because you are a “picky” eater or you don’t like such and such, to consider coming with an open-mind and willingness to experience the beauty in the things we create! If you have an allergy, simply note it upon check out.

Upcoming Chef’s Choice Dinners for Summer 2024


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