Grab-and-Go Meals

How do I order meals?

You must be subscribed to our weekly newsletter for pre-ordering. The newsletter will have the menu for the following week. From there, you can order meals. There is no commitment!

How do I cook the meals?

Remove film. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes!

Do you deliver the meals?

Not at the moment! All pre ordered meals will be picked up at our address. But as we grow, we hope to add that option on!

Can I get meals without pre-ordering?

Yes! You can walk in or order online.

What kind of food is it?

All types! We encourage our customers to read the ingredients on each item, especially if you have an allergy! But we will always avoid processed sugar, processed ingredients, food dyes, soy, canola oil, vegetable oil and gluten.

Will you refund an order if it is incorrect?

We do not offer refunds on orders that have been produced already. However, if you notice your order is incorrect when you place the order, please immediately contact us and we will help fix it.

Will you make custom meals and specific meal plans if I send them to you?

We do not do custom meals at this time

Will you accommodate my special diet?

We do not make special requests on our meals at this time! We are focusing and doing what we know and as we grow, we may allow for special requests.

What time can I pick up my meals?

Pickup is between 5-6pm on the pickup date or all day the following day. If you need to pick up at a different time, please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your need!


Will you cater my event in my city?

Sure! We love traveling but we do have a travel fee for anything further than 50 miles from our location.

Do you have limits on size of event, or number of people, or number of days?

Your imagination is the limit! We’ve catered big and small events, various different types, with wildly different clients. The only requirement is that you are awesome, like all the rest of the people we work with!

How far in advance do I need to book you for my event?

Well of course, the more notice the better! However, things happen and we get that. We can usually make last minute events work.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes! We specialize in special diets. We love coming up with fun ways to make sure everyone in your event is eating!

Do you require payment upfront? Is there a deposit for catering and wedding events?

To book, we require a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event.

What kind of food do you cater?

All kinds! Each event is so different and we can provide a list of ideas or create a menu specifically for your event!

Do you charge gratuity?

Yes, we add 18% for all events! However, you may request to  increase the percentage on your invoice.

Can you just drop off the food?

Absolutely! We offer drop off and full-service options to fit the various needs of our clients.

We have a strict budget to stick to, can you accommodate us?

Most likely! Knowing your budget will help us know what suggestions to make.

How do I get a quote?

The only way to get a quote is to send us your menu via email after we have had a consult call. We highly recommend these no-charge calls so we can answer any other questions you may have.

Chef’s Choice Dinners

What is a chefs choice dinner?

It’s a dinner at our location where guests will buy tickets, arrive at the event and eat what is put in front of them. There’s no selecting a menu and requires trust and adventurousness.

What if my husband is picky but I want him to come?

Leave him at home! Find a girlfriend who’s adventurous or come solo and meet some friends. These events are always fun and everyone ends up with new friends. No need to drag someone to an event they won’t enjoy. We put our heart into these and want to host people who value ingredients like us.

Where do you source your ingredients?

100% locally. We have personally met each farmer and toured every farm we use. We want to know and understand their processes. Part of the fun at our dinners is the education! We spend a great deal of time teaching people how to source locally, what questions to ask (because each person has different values they are after) and how to cook ingredients they may never even heard of or liked.

Is everything organic?

No. We focus on how was it grown, where it’s from, and what kind of seeds/breeds do you use? Because a lot of farmers have organic growing processes, they just didn’t get a sticker for it!

Will you still do dinners in the field?

Sure. I love those dinners too. You can’t beat a field in the middle of summer. But we don’t have any planned yet and are open to discussing details with local farms!

Where can I buy tickets?

On our site when we release the dates! Coming soon!!